Become a Game Creator by Offering Hard-Surface 3D Modeling Services

Do you want to join a community of game developers? Here’s a good option – create your own 3d artist website and master hard-surface modeling. What is it and how to do it? Read in this article.

Become a Game Creator by Offering Hard-Surface 3D Modeling Services

Do you like playing video games? So, you probably have a dream to earn money on their creation. And there’s a nice chance for you allowing to work not only in the game development field. Today we’ll tell you how to master one of the available types of 3d modeling services.

What do the modelers do?

  • They create volumetric objects to show the necessary idea in the most compelling way;
  • The artists make art by creating bright and eye-catching things which don’t exist;
  • If we speak about games, 3d visualization artists are responsible for all visual effects and their goal is to satisfy the gamers’ demands.

What is hard-surface 3d modeling?

There are three most popular types of 3d modeling: polygonal, spline and NURBS. Polygonal type is divided into three subtypes: high-, mid-, and low-poly. So, hard-surface modeling is a high-poly modeling type.

The specific feature is that an object consists of hundreds of little details. All these details are usually represented in some mechanisms and equipment. It means that many vehicles and panels are created using this type. If you want to look at the good examples of hard-surface modeling, visit 3dreach website.

How to master this type?

Of it’s quite evident that this type is popular because a lot of games are devoted to cars, tanks and wars. But how to become a modeler?

  1. Download some licensed software suitable for providing 3d modeling services, read the literature devoted to it and watch some YouTube tutorials. It’s a log way requiring much discipline from you.
  2. Finish some online courses. Online education is very popular now, and the certificates given for finishing such courses are valuable among the clients. So, visit Udemy, Lynda, Coursera and other platforms to find a course you like most of all.
  3. Search for a traineeship in a studio in your city or abroad. The colleagues will teach you what they can do themselves.


So, don’t be afraid of trying new things and getting a new profession as these skills will be helpful not only in games but building, architecture and science. If need some inspiration, look which 3d modeling services3dreach offers. This company has long working experience and rich portfolio.